Ultrasound Calculator

Use this calendar to help you decide when to visit BabyviewHD. Click on your due date. Look at the highlighted dates and the color key for best dates. If you are early into your pregnancy and are just too excited to wait to see your bundle of joy the Texas Rose may be the perfect package for you! With this package you can see your baby at three different times during your pregnancy. Do not be deterred if it is after the “best” dates.... We do still sometimes get great images all the way up to 40 weeks! :)

Plan Your Ultrasound Date

When should you come in for an appointment? Enter Your due date below to find out the best time to view your baby.

Select your due date:
Week 16-23* Gender Determination
Week 24-26 Good Viewing
Week 27-30 Best Viewing
Week 31-32 Good Viewing
Week 33-37 Unpredictable Viewing