Hd Live

What is HD LIVE?

3D and 4D baby scans are extremely popular and have been around for quite a few years now. GE Voluson who are designers and manufacturers of ultrasound machinery amongst other amazing technology decided to improve on the normal 3D and 4D ultrasound technology and came up with HD LIVE…….


The HD LIVE system (not HD you see on your TV) uses an adjustable light source, giving the operator the opportunity to create lighting and shadowing effects. The result incorporates light and shadow into the baby’s face as you would see (but not consciously notice), when looking at another person standing next to you. What this does is it increases “depth perception” making the images more realistic. The HD LIVE has also changed the skin tone from the sepia (orangey colour) of the usual 3D and 4D scans to a pinkish colouring along with surface rendering which smooths the images.

It can also light up the baby’s face giving you a better view of any expression like yawning or smiling that your baby may show. It basically does all that the 3D and 4D scans do but better! 

The Early Life Ultrasound Centre provide HD LIVE as a part of their 3D and 4D scan packages at no extra cost.