Frequently Asked Questions

We are not your typical 3D/4D ultrasound studio! At Baby View HD you can see your baby live and in real time using the most advanced sonographic equipment available. We are an elective ultrasound facility and we offer 2D, 3D/4D, and HD LIVE, which means you can view your baby along with his/her tiny features clear as day! Baby View HD has ARDMS Certified Sonographers. We also have a Medical Director to ensure the safety and accuracy of all sonograms. The moment you see your baby for the first time is an experience that you will forever cherish.

2D sonograms are your typical black and white still images like the ones you receive at your doctor’s office.
3D sonograms are an advanced method which captures a three-dimensional image of your baby, allowing the ability to see specific facial features.

4D sonograms allow us to capture your baby in motion. Like seeing them suck their thumb or yawn!
HD LIVE sonograms give you a realistic view of your baby by removing tissue that is not your baby and allows you to view so much more!

We recommend to come in anytime after 15-16 weeks of pregnancy for accuracy! It all depends on baby’s position and cooperation. You might have to come back if we aren’t able to find out the day of your appointment.

A: Due to our HD LIVE option you can come in as early as 17 weeks. Our HD live videos offer an experience that compares to no other. You can actually see your baby yawning, stretching, kicking or whatever else your little one may be up to as family and baby await his/her arrival! When you come will all depend on if you want to see baby’s full body and also see baby twist and turn or if you want to wait until baby fattens up to see baby’s sweet features. The further along you are the less of baby’s body we will be able to see at one time. If you want to see baby’s facial features to see who baby will look like we recommend to wait until you’re at least 26 – 32 weeks, but we still capture great images before and even after that time. The Texas Rose is an awesome package which allows three visits during your entire pregnancy so you can peek at baby during the various different stages as baby grows.

The optimal time is from 22-27 weeks. Twins will of course run out of room and they will move less. This time period will give more vivid photographs of facial features. For whole body images of twins 16-18 weeks is the optimal time for a visit keeping in mind you will see less defined images. Babies will be skinny and more skeletal in appearance. At around 22 weeks, with twins, you will capture a half body shots and also possibly see them in action. The more time you allow to pass the more you will see more defined facial features. Don’t wait too long though or you may miss seeing those chubby cheeks!

A: We recommend to drink LOTS of water! Your body must be hydrated in order to acquire clear images. If you aren’t drinking enough water there won’t be enough amniotic fluid around baby which is the cause of unclear images. We recommend that you drink at least 2L of water a day a week prior to your appointment. Also, drink something with sugar 30 minutes before your appointment to ensure baby is up and active!

A: Of course you can! We would love for you all to experience these precious moments. We offer a peaceful, calm and relaxing setting. The more the merrier!

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